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Data visualization is the way to communicate results of data analysis. It means creating stories, visual context to make data easier to understand. It has become always more important with all the large datasets we face today.

As a data analyst greatly interested into data visualization and every tool of representing findings, I decided to dive into d3.js, the famous JavaScript library. What I like the most about it is the fact that it allows you to create what you want, exactly the way you want it. …

The story around GameStop generated a lot of data to work on, whether it be posts, remarks, articles, interviews but also financial data with the GME (GameStop index) stock especially.
As it mainly started with the well known WallStreetBets subreddit, it is interesting to look at its evolution before getting into the analysis of the content itself.

WallStreetBets subreddit is focused on finance, the stock market, financial advises… It has now over 9,500,000 subscribers, more than 83k comments per day and over 3,700 posts per day. It is ranked as the second subreddit by daily comments.

If we look at…

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Looking for a job can become difficult with the amount of offers referenced on job listing websites. As a young graduated, I understood that when I was searching for an internship. It became challenging once I saw all the different job titles, sometimes with long sentences, with terms I didn’t even know or even worse, without any specifications about what the job was. In fields like finance where new job labels are created everyday, you can quickly get lost and lose motivation.

Therefore, I decided to look into Finance job offers to get some results and eventually get some key…

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As a graduate in Finance and a current student in Data Science, I decided to look at a not super famous field in Finance called “behavioral finance”.
This field tries to understand and explain why investors behave in a certain way depending on the situation. The main goal of this field is to show that the Financial Standard theory based on the fact that financial individuals take decisions from a rational perspective is not what we can see.

The hypothesis I will focus on is the “mass behavior effect” on the sentiment of investors. Do investors are influenced by the…

Nicolas Pogeant

Data Science Student and Finance Graduate

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